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Update !

2017-10-17 08:07:08 by zemort91

So its update time huh..


First i'd like to thanks you all for being so kind with my entrie for the MD, its in fact doing very well ! 3.3k on NG and 1.4k on YT, which is alot for a first video on a new channel ! (and its getting 100 views per day since i've changed something that blew the thing up, don't worry i'm going to tell you wtf i did)

Its time for some anectodes :

DID YOU KNOW? I had little to no sleep for 1 week because of the credits scene ? Because i was a lazy fuck that started working seriously too late, so remember that deadlines don't fuck around.

DID YOU KNOW? that the whole animation (except the tricky pointing finger at the end + the whole credits part) was made shortly after Le Madness (December probably) because i wasn't satisfied with my part ? And i didn't finished it earlier because i was working on something else?

DID YOU KNOW? That Le Madness was horribly rushed and the direction was all over the place? (And i didn't sleep the 22 for meeting the deadline in time again lol SPOILER: i've failed)

DID YOU KNOW? That Le Madness has no real story, everyone was just adding some game reference and shit :D

DID YOU KNOW? That Madness: Deimosorisation was the cringiest one to me? (mostly since i wasn't a kid at that point of my life so there's no excuse for being this bad in term of animation and story)

DID YOU KNOW? That Madness Extermination 1 didn't use any masks instead movie clip on the top of the character? (You can actually see him clipping through it)  

DID YOU KNOW? That Madness Extermination 1 is my most popular animation BY FAR (27k vs 7k on Extermination 2)

DID YOU KNOW? That Madness Destruction is still my most nostalgic and best collab that i've worked on? (And the menu is L I T)

DID YOU KNOW? That they were supposed to be a bonus on Madness Destruction with little comics made by the madness the community?

DID YOU KNOW? That i can now know how to make a sentence in english without you pretenting to understand my BrOkEn EnGrIsH?

DID YOU KNOW? That i'm sorry for all the cringy skype call and livestream i did way back in 2013 when i didn't know that english isn't just "shit", "fucking", "nigga"? (Kelzad & Gibb i'm looking at you right now D':)


Well, i just put a Space between Incident and 001Z then i've changed the tags(which imo didn't change something at all) and finally i've changed the thumbnail , and what the Space thing did is that :


Youtube puts me just at the bottom of the original incident made by Krinky (and the thumbnail is a little bit "clickbaity") :D



Alright i think i'm done



Yeah so i was actually very scared that the prints where folded badly as you can see on the top right


(the typo tho lol)


Can i say that those things are so freaking hard to open?! 


There they are !

So my first impression was "oh wow they're dark"(not the edgy kind of dark, the real DARK), then it was "Thank god they're not folded" (well just a little bit but its not visible)




Its here !

2017-09-23 05:23:12 by zemort91

My Madness Day entry ! You can watch it here on newgrounds :

or on Youtube :

Oh and i have a non-madness related Twitter if you guys want: i can like NSFW content  /!\ )


Happy Madness Day ! 


warm up

2017-08-30 18:45:09 by zemort91

warm up of Sanford before animating a little credit loop thingy of him and other madness characters.



See ya in MD17 bois

Status : Not dead

2017-02-22 04:32:16 by zemort91

So my MD17 movie is basically done now (need to animate like, 2 guys lol)


Yeah, see you guys in september i guess


PS: i'm not into collabs anymore, Madness is sucking up my time like crazy and i need to get a job lmao



Le madness now on Youtube!

2016-12-17 03:23:41 by zemort91 are we late yet?

already working for MD17

2016-11-01 04:04:40 by zemort91

it will not going to be huge but hey gotta keep at least one content a year for you guys c:

4097929_147798720492_2cea45b878d796ecfd6bcf7d33a54d88.pngOnly two scene for this project but expect alot of kills for this one tho

Happy late madness day !

2016-09-25 16:16:38 by zemort91

Fuck we did it, we released it (almost) in time ! Go watch it ;)

it was a super short deadline (1 month of intense working lol), but we managed to sort thing out and it turned out okay.

So yeah, expect me to be dead again now, i will probably come back for the next madness day tho :>


Insert Hentai rape joke here

2016-09-20 19:36:14 by zemort91

4097929_147441452463_ca2f74e3a734b9230aece596eabf5040.png"oh oh oh look like he's gona get rap m8"


hope i can finish it for the deadline :/

hey, i was dead for 2 years now, but this time i'm contribuing for this madness day. Well, if i can


Madness day is coming and i'm still far from finishing this



i hate to say every year 'hey guys i'm back' 'hey guys i'm dead, goodbye'. So i'm going to say this for now : Animating Madness is not my job, i don't get paid for animating it sadly, and it consume my time, ALOT. So yeah, i can't say i wont do anything forever, but don't expect me to get back into it anytime soon.


Hope you guys doing something for madness day, and if you don't, do it RIGHT NOW, every movie help to grow the community.


That's all ! See ya in madness day ! c: 


2016-08-30 04:14:10 by zemort91


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