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The post about collab

2013-12-01 10:21:40 by zemort91

The invitation for the collab is close :)

So the member of the collab is:

- Zemort91 = 0 parts

- Scratcherz = 0 parts

- spacegod105 = 0 parts

- ADDqd = 0 parts

- Dyera = 0 parts

- 1999Elias = 0 parts

- madnesia19 = 0 parts

- Endik55 = 0 parts

DEADLINE : 25/02/2014 (Maybe i gonna change the deadline)


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2013-12-01 10:32:22

you forget about me

zemort91 responds:

Sorry i add you lol


2013-12-01 10:36:57

25/12? I think it's too early, can't you change, maybe to next year, because this year we will have the christmas day and the new year day too. I would like to finish all before too, but I think that I can just finish one part before this day.

zemort91 responds:

So in febuary ?


2013-12-01 11:13:53

I was gonna join in ya know can I still enter?


2013-12-01 18:14:47

well, beginning the 1st part, the only problem is that my Imagination zone is empty :/

zemort91 responds:

Well, do a noob man, a guy would be bad and fail all fire XD


2013-12-02 09:05:56

lel xD


2013-12-02 12:44:18

I have something for 1st part...... I think lel

zemort91 responds:

cool :p


2013-12-02 17:15:14 hey can I join?

zemort91 responds:

Man read the news please, the invitation for the collab is close man


2013-12-04 13:59:46

can i make spam part?

zemort91 responds:

If you want but do something very fun :p


2013-12-04 16:18:02

man, i don't think it should be a good idea making ''spam parts'' because people will think we are too lazy to animate :P

zemort91 responds:

don't worry about that.


2013-12-05 01:43:55
it topic of Madness Ultimatorisation


2013-12-05 05:45:18

ummm is there one more spot if there is i would make about 3